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Mr. Vinay Prakash

CEO – Coal & Mining

The DNA of the Adani group is about encouraging people to be entrepreneurs

May 02, 2016

Our group has recently completed 25 years and within such a short time period, we have become the country’s largest integrated infrastructure conglomerate. I have been associated with the group for more than 15 years and we started during that time with a simple dream of bridging the coal supply and demand gap in India for power plants and today we are the leading coal supplier in the world and the largest supplier in India. We are the pioneers of Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) concept in India’s mining industry and we developed our project within the record time of 3.5 years.  


There have been reasons for the success of our group and my personal story of association with the group can help to understand our group’s values and core beliefs. I joined the group after working with Aditya Birla group for 8 long years and within a year of joining the group, our Chairman told me that we are a start-up coal trading Company and you have an option to make this company the world's leading coal trading Company. He offered his full support for my commitment and promised that I will never have to look back. Keeping these words in mind, I started working and I was 36 year old when I was given the responsibility to head the coal trading desk as CEO.


There are numerous other such success stories within the group which are hard to find in most of the big conglomerates which are driven by standard talent development practices. Here the opportunity & growth is provided not only on the basis of experience and hierarchy but also on the basis of hunger to succeed, entrepreneur skills and courage to venture into unchartered territories. My personal example is a testimony for the value that the group put’s on one’s commitment, dedication and loyalty.


Our DNA has enabled us to reach where we are today and taking it to the next level does not require standard leadership and talent development practices but rather attitude, heart and tenacity.

Our Chairman's focus on having young leaders on board is also an intention to offer long and successful careers to each one of them where he empowers them to work as an entrepreneur. The DNA of the group is about encouraging people to be entrepreneurs and what I observed is that people focus has an entirely different connotation in our group. We give our people time to settle down and allow them to take risks. This ability to allow its people to take risks is less heard off in many corporates but for us, it is perhaps one of most effective strengths. Our growth has been enabled through visionary leadership of our Chairman and empowerment to many employees like me who have grown with the organization.


History has time & again demonstrated that opportunities arise for specific periods of time, and today is the time for infrastructure sector and we are placed at the most advantageous position to step on the accelerator for the next phase of growth. Our growth story and vision is aligned with the Government of India various initiatives such as “Make in India”, “Sagarmala Vision” to modernize India’s ports and encourage coastal movement of coal etc. Our coal trading & mining operations continue to be at the fulcrum of our business group and we are committed to do cumulative tonnage of 200 MMT in our trading and mining business by year 2020. Our bunkering business is equally dynamic and with our recent acquisition of our partner Glencore’s stake in the bunkering joint venture, we plan to increase our footprint as bunker fuel supplier for the country’s international maritime logistics needs.


Our specific DNA has enabled to reach where we are today and taking it to the next level does not require standard leadership and talent development practices but rather attitude, heart and tenacity. It is our core belief in these things that continues to help us to build sustainable business model. 25 years YOUNG and our journey has just started.

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