Mining as an industry is a natural resource utilization centric activity that has a prominent impact on the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, Adani adopts and follows the best industry practices for minimal impact on the environment and long term sustainability of the mining endeavour.

Ecofriendly Reforestation: India

Adani Mining is one of the first company to deploy a tree trans-planter for transplanting Sal trees which are found within the mining area.


Besides this we also aim to plant 29 trees against the loss of 1 tree, such that a dense secondary forest is developed at the end of the mine life over the mined out area.


We have successfully transplanted 7638 trees and planted 296059 saplings at the Parsa Kente site with 80% survival rate. We have also established a nursery for developing the native species.

Online Ambient Air Monitoring System: India, Indonesia, Australia

Adani Mines are equipped with the latest Online Monitoring System to monitor ambient air quality at the mine site and surrounding area for estimation of pollution load on the ecosystem.

Land Reclamation: India

Land reclamation is the process of restoring the mined out land to its natural and economically usable state. We started the reclamation of the void created after mining from the second year of operation of the mine, which is one of the fastest in the country. We have successfully achieved physical reclamation of 74.7 hectares of land and biological reclamation of 118.40 hectare of land.

Water Reservoir: Indonesia

PT.LIM has constructed a Water Reservoir along with a Water Treatment Plant for  supplying water to the local community. This Plant was inaugurated on 17th Oct’2015

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