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With ‘FARM-PIK’, Adani Agri Fresh Limited (AAFL) has instituted the largest integrated apple supply chain initiative with ultra-modern storage infrastructure in the country to provide fresh farm products to its consumers and improve the livelihood of the apple farmers across the Himalayan states.


In Himachal Pradesh Adani Agrifresh Ltd has set up 3 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) facilities to store 23000 MT of apple. These are located at Rampur, Rohru and Sainj in Shimla district. Agrifresh purchases apple from 15000 farmers and also provides agri-inputs and extension services through its Farmer Service Centres. Agrifresh markets its apple under the brand name ‘FARM-PIK’ across the country through an elaborate distribution network.


Agrifresh also imports major fruits, apple, pear, citrus, kiwi and grapes from around the globe to market in India.


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Empowering Farmers

Before Farmpik After Farmpik
Sorting, packing, loading Farmer has to do Mechanically done at nearest FARM-PIK Unit
Selling place Faraway Mandis Nearest FARM-PIK unit
Selling price Decided by agent Decided based upon product quality, size and weight
Income Relatively less, considering much of unethical expenses borne by farmers Increased, as they get paid as per Apples quality, size and weight
Payment to farmer Takes time, discretion of agent Immediate, incl bank transfers
Effects to Farmer Time consuming process of selling apples, delay and reduced income Increased income, Peace of mind, Increased bank credit (due to bank transfer) etc.
Effects to local economy Agents flourished Increase in Apple Production, Enhanced banking, Strengthened distribution network, Reduced wastage of agri produce


Imports USA, China, Australia, New Zealand and Chile
Exports Middle East and Europe

Distribution Network in India

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