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Adani Agri Logistics is proud to have established India’s first integrated bulk handling, storage & logistics system for food grains. Aimed at minimizing post-harvest losses and improving the operational efficiency, it provides seamless end-to-end bulk supply chain to Food Corporation of India. With state-of-the-art Silo and Rail terminals in major cities, Adani is changing the future of food security in India. The Rail Infrastructure and Bulk Loading Facility developed for this project has set world class standards for the country. Besides maintaining nutritional quality of food grains and reduced losses, Adani silo terminals have immensely benefitted the farmers, the Government and the end consumers in the Public Distribution System. Its overwhelming success has led the Government to accept the model as a future mode of storage and transportation of food grains.


Apart from serving Food Corporation of India, AALL is also committed to modernise storage infrastructure in the states by creating silo terminals. The company has set up state of art silo terminals in various parts of Madhya Pradesh, thus benefitting numerous farmers and savings to Government of Madhya Pradesh. Farmers are linked directly to these terminals, where they deliver their crop.


Silo storage vs conventional storage practices

  • Silos need 1/3rd of the land as compared to conventional warehousing
  • High tech preservation techniques ensuring quality and nutrition
  • Negligible losses, lesser threat from weather or other external forces
  • Improved shelf life of food grains
  • Real Time monitoring of grains for Grain Temp, Humidity & Infestation
  • Transportation to Field Depots by specialized Rail Wagons in Bulk form
  • Mechanised handling
  • Saves time, 3 times faster than conventional system

Empowering India from its roots – Farmers

  • Adani’s Base Depots are declared as notified ‘market yards’
  • Farmers may deliver stocks direct without involving ‘commission agent’
  • Efficient clearing of mandis during season; hence no glut
  • Savings to farmers on Unloading & Cleaning
  • Service Time to farmer: 1 hr as compared to 2-3 days in conventional system

Partnering government towards food security

  • Savings in Gunny Bags, Wooden Crates & Tarpaulin Covers to government
  • Economical linkages to Rail heads
  • Economical end-to-end supply chain
  • Delivery of Food grains in bulk/bagged form to FCI at field depots without loss, damage, or other degradation of quality beyond specified limits
  • Ensures food security by negligible losses to grains
  • Collectively this forms an integrated supply chain & logistics model that procures food grains from farmers & local mandies and supplies to PDS

Grain Handling Process

Farmers arrive at Base Depots with harvest

Whole process from weighment to exit takes less than an hour which otherwise takes upto 3 days along with added expenses for labour

Procurementhandling & Silo storage in bulk

Fully mechanised technology driven handling eliminating grain losses

Bulk Loading At Rail Side Silo

Merchanized dispatch through specially designed top-loading-bottom discharge rail wagons

Bulk Unloading At Rail Side Silo

Mechanized rake receipt

unloading at rail side silo

Mechanized dispatch through specially designed top-loading-bottom discharge rail wagons

Unloading at Rail Side Silo

Moving to Field depots


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