Our project in Indonesia was the Adani Group’s maiden overseas project in coal mining and operations. The move was in line with our long-term resolve to support the growing coal demand in energy-starved India.

The journey led to the creation of PT Adani Global, a step down subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited with focus on coal mining, logistics and trading operations in Indonesia. Subsequently the company acquired Exploitation License from the Indonesian government in 2007.

Located in the island of Kalimantan, alternatively known as Borneo, the company has constructed a coal terminal to service its mining operations. The present capacity is 2500 TPH and to be upgraded to 5000 TPH.

Exploration & Mining:

Since its incorporation a highly experienced in-house team was tasked with exploration responsibilities. . Multi seam, shallow dip and open cut mining among others the company has been using mechanized mining methods for coal production with 45-50 T class excavators, 25-30 T class dumpers, 160 - 190 HP class of dozers etc. We have also constructed a coal terminal to service the mining operation. The run of mine coal is crushed to produce a thermal coal product for export and domestic markets.

Barging & Shipment:

Cape Vessels normally arrive about 8 to 10 Nautical miles from the Jetty. Hired barges move coal from the jetty to the mother vessels. Coal is transshipped into mother vessels by floating crane ‘Surya Pratama Karya’ which is equipped with a Material Handling System (in-house design & construction). ‘Surya Pratama Karya’ has transshipped more than 20 MMT of coal till date.


Lamindo has more than 90% of the workforce from Bunyu. With a total population of over 10,000 in Bunyu, PT Lamindo Inter Multikon is contributing significantly towards Bunyu’s economy. PT Lamindo Inter Multikon employs more than 20 contractors in various functions. It also offers employment to more than 1500 persons.

Community relations:

  • Support university education for students through scholarships
  • Support teachers’ competency programs in co-operation with Bulungan Regency
  • School facilities and system improvement support
  • Medical camps for the community
  • Provide clean water supply to villages
  • Provide speedboat ambulance facility to local population of Bunyu
  • Provide training on modern techniques of fishing to local fishermen
  • Beach cleaning - one of the regular environment preserving activities conducted at Bunyu

Milestones at a glance

Adani's foray in Coal mining and operations beyond borders

Mine with a total coal resource of 269 MMT

Bunyu's total coal production in 2017-18 is 4.00 MMT; target for 2018-19 is 5.5 MMT

Largest exporter of 3000 Kcal coal in the world

Listed in HBA, Indonesia as LIM 3010 & LIM 3000

Largest employer on Bunyu Island with a team of over 1500 direct and indirect employees in 2017-18