We recognize the paramount importance of a sustainable supply chain in today's world. A sustainable supply chain ensures that our business operations are environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable. It encompasses every step, from sourcing raw materials to delivering products and services to our customers. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint, promoting fair labor practices, and fostering resilient communities along our supply chain.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC) guides our approach to engaging with suppliers in a lawful, fair and responsible manner. We aim to minimize our potential impact on people and environment through the incubation of sustainable sourcing across our businesses.

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Supplier ESG Program

Our Sustainable Supply Chain is built on a foundation of ethical principles, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility. We start by setting clear objectives and governance structures, ensuring that sustainability is at the core of our decision-making processes.

We believe in open and transparent communication, not only within our organization but also with our valued suppliers. Through proactive engagement, we work together to foster positive change and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Supply chain due diligence is paramount to us, as it enables us to identify and mitigate risks while promoting responsible practices throughout our network. We continually evaluate supplier performance, ensuring that they share our commitment to sustainability.

Monitoring and capacity development are key elements of our approach, as we believe in equipping our partners with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Lastly, we consider the end of contract relationships or renewal options, emphasizing sustainability even in the conclusion of our partnerships.

Supplier Screening

By carefully screening our suppliers, we ensure the integrity and sustainability of our operations from a supply chain perspective. The ESG related indicators are included in the terms and conditions of the purchase order which the supplier needs to agree to and sign. We carefully assess the various risks - country specific, sector specific as well as commodity specific to ensure a smooth transition. Based on the screening and assessment, areas of improvement are identified. We actively engage with our suppliers to improve their sustainability performance.

In FY 22-23


Procurement from MSME and Local suppliers


Total number of Tier-1 suppliers


  •   Natural resource conservation
  •   Efficient systems and process
  •   Pollution prevention
  •   Waste management

  •   Freely chosen employment
  •   Equal opportunity
  •   Working hours, wages and benefits
  •   Human trafficking
  •   Freedom of association
  •   Health and safety

  •   Adherence to company policy
  •   Bribery or corruption
  •   Conflict of Interest
  •   Grievance redressal
  •   Reporting of unethical practices

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