Corporate Social Responsibility

We live and work in nearby communities and take our societal commitments seriously. In India, we invest around three per cent of the group’s profits into community focused initiatives through the Adani Foundation.


Igniting spark in over 1,50,000 young minds

Community Health

Facilitating a healthier life to 2,00,000 people every year

Sustainable Livelihood

Transforming more than 35,000 lives by providing better opportunities to create self-reliant lives

Rural Infrastructure

Improved life for over 5,00,000 people in 177 cities & villages by developing quality infrastructure


Student scholarships including living expenses; aid to schools for laboratory upgrades, hiring teachers, improving infrastructure, providing free transport to school children; training for teachers; and promotion of extracurricular activities.


Providing regular nutritional supplements to infants; providing services of Company doctors to local residents; free basic medicines; periodic medical specialist programs; specialist training of local doctors; routine monetary support for local Public Health Clinics (Puskesmas).

Local economic growth

Targeting 90 percent local employment; service contracts with local populace; distributing equipment to local fishing industry and initiating a milk industry through supply of cows and training.


Holiday celebrations (New Year, Independence Day, District Birthday), as well as art and music camps and competitions.


Inviting National Quran experts for special discourses during Ramadan; conducting traditional religious "selamatan" at every milestone of the mine; sponsorship of local candidates to Quran reading competitions; group circumcision ceremonies; and contributions to mosques and churches, orphans, and the poor (Zakat / fitrah).

Environmental development and "ecocare"

Mining good practices through "Green Mining Policy"; continuous reclamation and re-vegetation; environment friendly technologies (conveyors and continuous miners); responsible waste management; use of nursery and other resources to support local tree planting and other environmental activities (such as beach cleaning).


Creation of a "Town Hall" for the local populace; aid in improving clean water supplies to local communities; lobbying with local Government for implementing projects locally.

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